It is our goal to serve all of the communities that struggle to have access to these services in the Houston area.

If you'd like to see us in your city or neighborhood, please support our cause by reaching out to YOUR county commissioner. You can call, email, or send letters to make your request! 


FREE Spay / Neuter

standard cost: $75 - $200 

Spaying and neutering pets is more profoundly helpful than most people realize. A healthy dog can produce (on average) 2 litters per year with an average of 5 puppies per litter. ONE of our weekend event typically supports the spay / neuter of 300 cats and dogs. That means that in one two day event, we can reasonably keep 3,600 pets off the streets of Houston in the first year alone. 


FREE Vaccinations

By vaccinating dogs and cats in under-served areas, we're not just helping prevent illness in the pet we treat, we're helping prevent the SPREAD of illness that can affect thousands of dogs and cats yearly. 




want to know where we'll be next?

All services are first come, first serve and local residents get priority on scheduling.

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