The Empty Shelter Project was started by Houston area 501(c)3 rescue groups who are committed to pulling dogs off the euthanasia list at local shelters and adopting them out.

Because the overpopulation problem is too large to focus solely on adoptions, K-9 Angels Rescue created a new program called The Empty Shelter Project. We have the support of Judge Ed Emmett and are working in conjunction with the Veterinary Public Health division of Harris County.

The Empty Shelter Project is committed to providing FREE Spay, Neuter, and Vaccination Services to underserved neighborhoods in the greater Harris County area.

The Empty Shelter Project plans to accomplish ~250 dog/cat spays and neuters, vaccinations, and microchips per event at high opportunity sites across Harris County. We started quarterly events in 2017 and hope to be doing them bi-monthly in the next fiscal year.


Contact your county commissioner today to let them know you want them to offer us a space to host these events!